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This piece of music by Joseph Alexandrovich Boroffka [1853~1920] is one of three pieces in 'Trois Miniatures Pour Piano'.

Pictures of settings concerning the sound of the music in the video:

Musical pieces played with the SYNTHOGY IVORY II GRAND PIANOS - GERMAN D sound source:
Glinka, Mikhail: Mazurka in C minor
Satie, Erik: Enfantillages Pittoresques, 1. Petit Prélude à La Journée
Satie, Erik: Caresse
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Bach, Johann Sebastian: Prelude No. 9, E major, WTC Book 1, BWV 854
Pachelbel, Johann: Gavott in F# minor, T312
Pachelbel, Johann: Saraband in F# minor, T312
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Bach, Johann Sebastian: Prelude in E major, BWV 937
Miguez, Leopoldo: 12 Pecas Caracteristicas, No 1 (Carrilhão)
Boroffka, Joseph: Trois Miniatures Pour Piano, No. 1, Prélude Mignon
Joseph Boroffka: Prélude Mignon, No. 1.
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