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This piece of music by Oscar Lorenzo Fernández [1897-1948] is from Suite Brasileira No. 1. The suite consists of the following pieces: 1. Velha Modinha (Old Song), 2. Suave Acalanto (Sweet Sleeping Song) and 3. Saudosa Seresta (Regretful Serenade).

Pictures of settings concerning the sound of the music in the video:

Musical pieces played with the EMBERTONE - WALKER 1955 CONCERT D sound source:
Kuhnau, Johann: Klavier-Übung, Teil II, Partie Nr. 7, Sarabande in H minor
Pachelbel, Johann: Gavott in E major, T307
Fernández, Oscar Lorenzo: Velha Modinha
Ravel, Maurice: Menuet sur le nom d'Haydn, M58
Oscar Lorenzo Fernández: Velha Modinha.
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