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This piece of music is attributed to Tomaso Albinoni [1671-1751].

Sound libraries used:
  • Garritan - Classic Pipe Organs (patches used: Classical Quintadena 8', Mod2 Great Tromp En Champ 8', Mod1 Crumhorn 8', Mod1 Hauptwerk Mixture, Mod2 Choir Gemshorn 8', Mod1 Baroque Plenum, Ren Plenum Comp, Mod2 Pedal Principal 16')
  • Bestservice - Complete Orchestral Collection (french horn, doublebass and cello)
  • Orchestral Tool - Time Micro ("Glimmer")

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Albinoni, Tomaso: Adagio in G minor

Tomaso Albinoni: Adagio in G minor.
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