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Making a music stand for 12 sheets!

It is quite annoying having to turn sheets while playing a piece of music demanding several sheets. Fortunately it is quite easy to make a music stand for up to 12 sheets!

A music stand for 2 sheets
The traditional music stand can accommodate 2 sheets only.

A traditional music stand placed behind the instrument. Two sheets can be visible at a time.

A music stand for 6 sheets
Out of the cardboard that a digital piano usually is shipped in, an expansion of the traditional music stand can be made.

Six pieces of the A4 paper size (210 × 297 mm) placed side by side correspond more or less to the width of the 88 keys of a full sized keyboard. It is still pleasant to read the sheets from the players point of view. It results in a necessary total width of the cardboard of 126 cm.

The packing of a digital keyboard used for an enlargement of the traditional music stand. Musical pieces of up to 6 sheets can now be played without interruptions from turning sheets.

A music stand for 12 sheets
With a piece of wood of about 126 × 64 cm an expansion of the traditional music stand can be made, accommodating 12 sheets.

Being able to read 12 sheets of music in two rows is still pleasant from the players point of view.

Some rounded wooden lists of 12 × 12 mm have been used as rests for the paper sheets.

In this example of a 12 sheets music stand a masonite board with a thickness of 3.2 mm and dimensions of 126 × 64 cm has been used. The rounded wooden lists with the dimensions 12 × 12 mm are glued and nailed to the board.

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