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Who is playing the piano?

Cubus plays the piano! Cubus is an alias I use on the Internet. I have played the piano in two separate periods...

First period
The first period took place in the 1980s. I started playing music in 1983 with a Yamaha CS-5 synthesizer. The instrument had 3 octaves and could only play one note at a time. I made music with a buddy.

Cubus by a Yamaha CS-5 synthesizer Cubus playing a monophonic Yamaha CS-5 synthesizer in 1983.

Soon I also bought a keyboard, a Casiotone 101, so there was something to play with both hands. Idols were electronic music such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. However, I was also fascinated by the jazz-rock genre and particularly the sound of a Fender Rhodes thrilled me. In 1984 I bought a Fender Rhodes Mark II instrument.

I did now want to learn to play 'the right way', which in my head was synonymous with playing classical piano and being able to read sheet music. I started to go to classical piano once a week.

Initially I practiced on my Fender Rhodes although it is not well suited for classical music. Soon I got me an upright piano and played intensively in a couple of years several hours a day.

Cubus playing the piano Cubus playing an upright piano in 1985. In the background the
Fender Rhodes Mark II with the Yamaha CS-5 synthesizer on top.

On the video below some sound clips recorded on the above piano can be heard.

Cubus playing an upright piano in 1985/86.

Then I got other interests and left the music except that I later in 1991 bought a Spanish guitar and began to practice guitar music, including classical, in a period.

Second period
My second period with the piano started about 20 years after I had left the piano at first.

As I expected it went quickly to get the learned skills back. On 11 June 2007 I bought a digital piano and 1 July 2007 I uploaded my first Youtube video with classical music. Since then there has been uploaded several musical pieces every month in various genres.

At this site only the classical pieces are listed. I expect to continue posting musical videos at regular intervals. In September 2012 my videos had been watched more than 10.000.000 times!

Cubus playing the piano in 2009.

Cubus playing the piano in 2010.

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